POPIA Code of Conduct for Research (with corrigendum)


The POPIA Code of Conduct for Research, as it is currently being considered, pertains to research conducted in South Africa, which, as part of the research process, uses personal information as defined under POPIA. This Discussion Document outlines the main areas relating to the processing of personal information for research purposes which the proposed Code will address, including what consent models would be permissible under POPIA; the issues in relation to genetic research and the processing of personal information contained in inherited characteristics; the use of information matching programmes by researchers; and the use of personal information obtained from social media platforms for research. With ongoing and wide consultation with the scientific community in South Africa and all relevant stakeholders, it is hoped that the Code will provide guidance in supporting the lawful and responsible use of personal information while conducting scientific research in South Africa.

The purpose and scope of the Code of Conduct for Research are set out in the accompanying Commentary available at https://doi.org/10.17159/sajs.2021/10935

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Discussion Document

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