Vol. 118 Special issue: Radical Reason (2022)

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Radical Reason

The aim of this special issue is to show how African thought has and could contribute to the development of new logics and new forms of reason and to reflect on the full complexity of the lived experiences and conditions of being in the world now – on the horizon of the emergence of a not yet fully determinable world when radical thought, science, ethics, institutional arrangements, and other shared systems of valuation and understanding, are required to give depth and meaning to the full articulation of the questions that we need to be asking now to engender the arrival of a just and equal world to come. No one discipline or system of thought can answer the questions the world is facing today. This is the time for ‘radical reason’.

This special issue emanates from the contributions of the HSRC Radical Reason ‘Conversations with Global Thinkers’ series that took place at the 2020 Science Forum South Africa. The publication of this special issue was sponsored by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) of South Africa.

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Published: 2022-10-31