Fleeing the beloved country...


  • Wieland Gevers University of Cape Town

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Wieland Gevers, University of Cape Town

Wieland Gevers (Health Sciences) holds an MB.Ch.B. from the University of Cape Town, and a D.Phil. from Oxford University. He was deputy vice-chancellor responsible for academic affairs at the University of Cape Town from 1992 to 2002, and is professor emeritus in the university's department of medical biochemistry. He chairs the Academy's scholarly publications unit, and is immediate past chair of the editorial board of the South African Journal of Science. His research interests include the biochemistry of muscle tissue, and the cellular biology of atherosclerosis. Amongst his many accolades is the Wellcome Gold Medal for Medical Research.



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Gevers, W. (2011). Fleeing the beloved country. South African Journal of Science, 107(3/4), 2 pages. Retrieved from https://sajs.co.za/article/view/10051



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