A correlation for predicting the abrasive water jet cutting depth for natural stones


  • Irfan Engin Department of Mining Engineering, Afyon Kocatepe University, Afyonkarahisar


abrasive water jet, natural stone, cutting, estimation models, rock properties, operating parameters


The abrasive water jet (AWJ) cutting method has been used widely for the cutting and processing of materials because of its cool, damage-free, and precise cutting technique. Nowadays, the use of AWJ cutting in the natural stone industry is increasing. However, the effectiveness of AWJ cutting of natural stones is dependent on the rock properties and machine operating parameters. In this study, injection-type AWJ cutting was applied to 42 different types of natural stones to investigate the effects of rock properties and operating parameters on the cutting depth. Shore hardness, Bohme surface abrasion resistance and the density of the rocks were the most significant rock properties affecting the cutting depth. The working pump pressure and traverse velocity were the most significant operating parameters affecting cutting, as has been shown previously. The relationships between the rock properties or operating parameters and the cutting depth were evaluated using multiple linear and nonlinear regression analyses, and estimation models were developed. Some of the models included only rock properties under fixed operating conditions, and others included both rock properties and operating parameters to predict cutting depth. The models allow for the preselection of particular operating parameters for the cutting of specific rocks types. The prediction of cutting depth is a valuable tool for the controlled surface machining of rock materials.


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Engin, I. (2012). A correlation for predicting the abrasive water jet cutting depth for natural stones. South African Journal of Science, 108(9/10), 11 Pages. Retrieved from https://sajs.co.za/article/view/9792



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