An open access geospatial database for the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands




Prince Edward Island, Marion Island, geospatial database, open access, data sharing


Researchers of projects at the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands are increasingly considering geospatial data as an essential component in answering scientific questions. A need exists for high-resolution geospatial data in both multi- and transdisciplinary research to better analyse fine-scale biotic–abiotic interactions of the Islands’ landscape and ecosystems within the context of climate change and the impacts of invasive species. However, much of the geospatial data that currently exist have limitations in spatial coverage and/or resolution, are outdated, or are not readily available. To address these issues, we present an online geospatial database for the Prince Edward Islands (both islands) produced from a high-resolution digital surface model and satellite imagery. This database contains vector files, raster data sets, and maps of topographical and hydrological parameters. It is freely available to download from Figshare – an open access data repository. We encourage the South African polar science community to make use of similar platforms for improved data sharing practices.


  • A topographical and hydrological geospatial database – produced from a 1 m x 1 m digital surface model of the Prince Edward Islands – is provided.
  • These fine-scale geospatial data allow for a more comprehensive assessment of biotic–abiotic interactions at an island scale.
  • Also included are locality maps specifying place names and established long-term marine mammal monitoring beaches and coastal zones for improved cross-referencing.
  • The dataset is downloadable from an open access data repository and intended to promote open science and data sharing practices.

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Rudolph, E. M., Hedding, D. W., de Bruyn, P. N., & Nel, W. (2022). An open access geospatial database for the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands. South African Journal of Science, 118(9/10).



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