Defining lightning-safe structures for all socio-economic communities




safety, injury mechanisms, human behaviour, side flash, step potential


Four levels of lightning-safe structures are defined based on the protection expected from various lightning injury mechanisms under thunderstorm conditions. This work, therefore, provides clarification for the long-standing issue of determining the most suitable recommendation for lightning safety in various socio-economic layers of society, especially in underprivileged communities. These globally uniform and consistent guidelines will help standard development committees, lightning safety seekers and donors of protection systems, state policy developers on disaster management, the insurance sector and industries that provide lightning protection, in determining the most appropriate lightning safety measures for a given target, based on the safety requirements, societal behaviour and affordability.


  • Lightning safety module developers could confidently adopt the definition of safe structures provided here in their guidelines.
  • The ambiguity on both indigenous and commercial lightning safe structures (purpose made) is cleared.
  • Standards could specify the essential features of a structure that can be considered lightning safe.


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Gomes, C. (2022). Defining lightning-safe structures for all socio-economic communities. South African Journal of Science, 118(9/10).



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